Mymart, easy buy easy sell, one of the most convenient items listing, second-hand market, real estate, service platform.

Services we covered

Buy and sell : You can fast upload goods images, easily access product information.

Your Preloved can means something to others : there are always things people reluctant to throw away, just make it a free gift. Users can also wait for a lucky moment that the rich are willin to generously donate their suplus,.

Housing information : we provide housing services, you can carry out the sale of rental housing platform, including individual housing, apartments, commercial office buildings ect.

All kinds of life services: Relocating,car washing , child care, pet care, home cleaning, electronic installation and maintenance, catering, travel and tourism and a series of life services.

How to enjoy more than play ?

You can have fun in mymart, trading, making friends with those who share the mutual interests with you.

You may not be the local of the target city, while still can easily find the right place to look for the house renting. We as a team are working at improving your life quality and social convenience.

You can also play here by accessing various food and entertainment information, so that life is more joyful and splendid;

As the CEO of a family, home maintenance, cleaning all aspects of the demand can be found on mymart as quickly as you expected.

Nearby info access at your finger, enage the interesting events around you to the most.


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